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People trust BJP; women, youth & all sections stand with Modi: CP Joshi

Chittorgarh: In an exclusive interview with First India, BJP State President CP Joshi asserts all 25 Lok Sabha seats in the State will return to BJP’s fold, citing the resounding resonance of the ‘400 Paar’ slogan among the populace. He warns of Congress’ decline and emphasises importance of strong leadership in maintaining ground support

  • It has been a year since you became the State President. During this period, there has been a change in the power of the state, now is Mission-25 a big challenge before you?
    Public has faith in Narendra Modi and BJP. This faith arises when you live up to the trust of the public. This belief happens when you work with dedication. This belief is the strength of Narendra Modi. Be it women, youth or any section, they are with Modi. In Rajasthan, BJP is working as a team. The victories achieved are not solely attributed to CP Joshi, but to the hard work and dedication of the party workers.
  • Opposition says that if Modi’s face or name is removed, your candidates would look weak?
    The backbone of any party lies in its leadership and workers. BJP’s strength lies in having both. There is also the strength of organisation. Why is there so much distrust against those who ruled the nation for 50 years? Because they have given support to corruption and separatism. But now the people of the country have faith in Modiji. This trust is the strength of BJP.
  • How much challenge will the I.N.D.I. Alliance pose? Even in Rajasthan, Congress has given seats to alliance parties?
    This is going to prove the weakness of Congress. There were many states in the country, where Congress was in power, and the regional parties are strong today. Congress does not get even one or two seats. Congress is fading across the nation, going into the abyss. Why this alliance happened is also a million dollar question? Is the change that has taken place in the country, unbearable? Those who did not prefer sitting with each other, are forming an alliance today to stop Modiji, but its not Modi’s storm, but a Tsunami. This time BJP has given the slogan of ‘400 Paar’, and now it has become the voice of the people.
  • Opposition parties say that if there has been development, then why is the BJP asking for votes in name of Ram Temple?
    This is the same Congress which had denied the existence of Ram by giving an affidavit in the court. They had rejected the invitation for Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha. Sanatan was said to be a disease. The people of this country will not tolerate this. They will give a befitting reply in elections.
  • If some BJP leaders get angry and join Congress, will this cause harm to the party?
    CP Joshi has been a twotime MP and has been given ticket for the third time. It is not necessary whether you get the ticket for the fourth time or not. We will have to work together with those to whom the party will give tickets. There are thousands, lakhs of workers who are working without tickets. Is it appropriate that if you are not given a ticket once, you will distance yourself from the party? This will be decided by the public and workers.
  • Congress alleges that the investigating agencies are working like the frontal organisations of BJP?
    Congress should not forget that the emergency in this country is their contribution. If a family member is leaving you, then you should think about the reason for which, he is leaving you. You are fielding a candidate and he is running away leaving behind the ticket. When leadership weakens, the foundation trembles.
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