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Om Birla aims to make an impact with his third consecutive LS outing

Kota: Lok Sabha Speaker and BJP candidate from Kota-Bundi, Om Birla, continued his election campaigning on Wednesday, making rounds across various areas such as Anadhora, Devpura, Dhakadkhedi, Balvan, Sumer Ganj Mandi, and more. Actively appealing for votes, he emphasised the developmental works undertaken in his constituency and highlighted the achievements of the Modi government.

With the BJP nominating him for the KotaBundi Lok Sabha seat for the third consecutive time, Birla aims to make a significant impact in the political landscape. Breaking a longstanding tradition, he seeks to defy the myth that no Lok Sabha Speaker has secured a parliamentary seat in the subsequent term since the 1999 Lok Sabha elections.

Om Birla’s ‘Jansampark Abhiyan’ resonates with promises of continued development and progress for his constituents in Kota-Bundi districts, coupled with the various achievements of the Modi government.

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