Monday, March, 27,2023

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Mangarh: The ‘uniqueness’ of understanding and ‘relation’ shared by PM Narendra Modi & CM Ashok Gehlot was evident on Tuesday, when a ‘good chemistry’ between the two, in spite of opposite ideologies, was observed by people. Both kept praising each other’s works publicly and a similar sight was seen in Mangarh Dham & the duo kept on chatting. Moreover, separate talks between the two leaders also took place behind the stage. Interestingly, Modi also termed Gehlot as the senior most CM saying, “Gehlot is also the senior most Chief Minister among the people sitting on the stage at this time.” Modi has praised this tenure of Gehlot many times, specially on Covid management during CMs’ conference in April, 2020. Then in September 2021, Gehlot termed Modi as his good friend and said, “Our political ideology may be different, but politics never comes in the way of development.” At first, two duo spoke to each other on the stage with a smile on their faces. Then Gehlot urged Modi from the stage to declare Mangarh Dham as a national monument. Now, it is believed that before poll announcement, a national memorial can be announced to be built at Mangarh. It was this ‘bonding’ between the two that sent a positive message in the entire tribal belt.

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