Monday, June, 21,2021

Mines amnesty scheme fetches `44.5 cr for dept

Jaipur: During the ongoing Corona crisis, the government is relieved by the record recovery in the MNS scheme of the Department of Mines and Minerals.  

In the Amnesty Scheme initiated by the department, an amount of over Rs44 crore 5 lakh has been recovered by disposing of 2,052 cases till March 30. This is the highest ever collection of outstanding and interest waiver schemes of dept.

In the amnesty scheme, the state government recovered about Rs100 crore, along with recovery of Rs44 crore from mining leaseholders, contract holders, limited-term permit holders, royalty arrears, construction contractors and the relief workers as per various provisions of the scheme.

Mining & Petroleum Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya said amnesty scheme was implemented from September 24, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

“Recovery from planned implementation of the scheme led to recovery of over Rs144 crore 16 lakh. ACS Mines Dr. Subodh Aggarwal said is the first time 2052 cases have been disposed of in Amnesty scheme. 

  • MNS scheme of the Department of Mines and Minerals
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