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"Maximum number of cases of crime against this why you voted for Congress?" PM Modi attacks Gehlot government

Chittorgarh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday targeted the Congress government in Rajasthan, saying the state is getting a bad name due to cases of atrocities against women and Dalits and people want BJP should come to power in the assembly polls later this year.     
Addressing a rally in Chittorgarh, PM Modi said every woman and daughter of Rajasthan is saying that BJP will come to power and bring about women's security.
"The Congress government in Rajasthan has destroyed the state in the past 5 years. It pains me that the state tops in crime list... Maximum number of cases of crime against women are from Rajasthan... Is this why you voted for Congress?... Congress left no stone unturned in looting the state,” he said.
“When there is talk of arson, riots, stone-pelting, Rajasthan gets a bad name. It is getting worse name in atrocities against women and Dalits,” he added.
PM Modi also attacked Congress and other opposition parties and said they had no option but to support the women’s reservation bill.    
"We are seeing every day what insulting things the leaders of the Congress' 'Ghamandiya' alliance are saying about women. They do not want women to get their rights, hence they are making excuses and spreading confusion in the name of caste and religion," he said.
The Prime Minister said a BJP government in the state will ensure the security of women.
"I feel pain when atrocities take place against daughters anywhere in the country but Congress has made this a tradition in Rajasthan... Every woman and daughter of Rajasthan is saying BJPwill come to power and bring women security," PM Modi said.
“Rajasthan is saying with great confidence and trust - BJP will come, hooliganism will go, BJP will come and stop the riots, BJP will come and stop stone pelting, BJP will come and stop dishonesty, BJP will come, it will bring women security, BJP will come and bring employment, BJP will come and make Rajasthan prosperous. The message of the people of the state has reached the ears of Congress leaders,” he added.
Rajasthan and four other states will go to the polls by the end of this year.

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