Wednesday, September, 27,2023

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Mamta Mot discusses community radio at HYS talk show.

Radio artist and influencer, Mamta Mot, recently made an appearance on the "Gauge the Language" talk show, organised by the HYS (Have Your Say) club. The talk show was a platform for Mot to discuss the impact of community radio and how it differs from commercial radio.

Mot was thrilled to be part of the show and shared her thoughts on the way programs are curated for the community, highlighting the importance of catering to local needs and interests. She also talked about her experience working as a program producer and radio jockey, expressing her passion for promoting community voices and highlighting important issues through her work.

The HYS club members and listeners were all ears, engaging in a lively discussion with Mot and appreciating her insights into the world of community radio. Mot thanked the HYS club and all the attendees for the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience on the subject.

The event was held in Jaipur and received a positive response from the audience. The HYS club has been organising similar events for years, providing a platform for individuals to share their thoughts and ideas on various topics

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