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Make BJP candidates win: Raje sends clear message to workers

Dholpur: Former CM Vasundhara Raje has given a clear cut message by meeting BJP workers one to one in Dholpur. Raje instructed the workers to send the BJP candidates to the Assembly after making them victorious in the entire State along with Dholpur Assembly candidate Dr Shivcharan Kushwaha. She said this while meeting party workers for about 2 hours at BJP office at Raj Niwas Palace on Wednesday.

While meeting the BJP workers of Dholpur district on Wednesday, Raje discussed about the candidates & took feedback. Many workers from Dholpur met Raje. While instructing BJP candidate Dr Shivcharan Singh Kushwaha to win the seat, Raje said that this time again BJP government is going to be formed in Rajasthan in which all the workers should unite and contribute. Raje also met the candidates who were deprived of tickets and instructed them to stay with the BJP candidate.

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