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Local Body Election Results: Despite Congress victory, the party did not get majority in the areas of 4 ministers and 18 MLAs

Local Body Election Results: The party has not got a clear majority in the areas of 4 ministers and 18 MLAs of the Congress who are happy with the body election results.

The Congress has defeated the BJP in the Local Body Election Results of the 50 urban bodies of Rajasthan. Despite this, the Congress cadres could not form party boards in the municipalities of ministers and MLAs. Even now there are 30 bodies where independents are the deciders.

In the areas of 18 MLAs and 4 ministers of Congress, the Congress has stayed away from the majority. Independents dominate their areas.

Without the independents in the urban bodies of the areas of these 18 MLAs and 4 ministers, they will not be able to become municipal presidents.

Of the four ministers, only the Congress board has been formed in the Jobner municipality in the area of ??Agriculture Minister Lalchand Kataria. In the remaining ministers' areas, the Congress has not got a majority in the municipalities.

Independents dominate the Kotputli municipality under Minister Rajendra Yadav. Independents are dominated in Vair and Bhusawar municipalities in the Assembly constituency of Minister Bhajan Lal Jatav.

Here too the Congress is far from a majority. Congress has not got a majority in the municipality in Anta, the area of ??Mines Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya. Here too, the Congress will have to form boards with the support of independents.

Congress has not got a majority in Lalsot, the area of ??Industries Minister Parasadilal Meena, here also independents are decisive.

The Congress has not been able to form a board on its own in any area except 5 Congress MLAs. Gurmeet Kunner has been a star performer among Congress MLAs.

The Congress has got a majority in 4 municipalities in the area of ??Kunar. The Congress got an absolute majority in Rohit Bohra's constituency Rajkheda, Girraj Singh Malinga's Bari, Pilot camp MLA PR Meena's Todabhim and Indraj Gurjar's area of ??Viratnagar.

There are 18 Congress MLAs in whose areas the party has not been able to get a majority on its own. However, in Deeg and Kumher municipalities of Bharatpur, Congress had not fielded any candidate.

Now the PCC Chief is arguing that instead of a Congress ticket, independents were made to contest elections under a strategy.

The Congress had presidents in 14 of these 50 urban bodies while in opposition. Now Congress has got a clear majority in 16. The Congress state president is claiming 40 as president.

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