Friday, June, 02,2023

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Labour Bureau to conduct demand-based survey: Ahuja

Jodhpur: The Labour Bureau will conduct a demand-based survey to identify the gaps in skilled manpower in the country, an official has said. ‘’We going to start a demand-based survey. So far, we have been doing a supplybased survey that these types of people are there. But now, the Labour Bureau is going to conduct a demandbased survey in which selected industries will be asked, through sample survey, what type of skill is required,’’ Arti Ahuja, Secretary of the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, said during a press conference on the concluding day of the three-day G20 Employment Working Group meeting.

She said that industries will be asked about the required skills, shortages, surplus, and whether the available skill is adequate. International organizations ILO and OECD highlighted the various types of imbalances between skills and qualifications in labour market.

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