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Kota: Birla greeted by Muslim National Forum, bolstering re-election prospects

Kota: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, who is on a tour to his constituency Kota, was greeted by a delegation from the Muslim National Forum during his journey on Sunday. This is being seen as a positive development for the sitting Kota– Bundi MP.

Arriving at the Lok Sabha Speaker’s camp office to meet Birla, the delegation, led by district coordinator Abdul Wahid Multani, presented Birla with a garland made of 51 kilograms of flowers. They extended their congratulations to Birla and assured him that this time, the minority vote would also swing in favour of the BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate Om Birla in Kota. The forum also commended Kota for the numerous gifts recently bestowed upon the Speaker. Birla’s visit is seen as an effort to strengthen ties with various communities ahead of the upcoming elections. Birla has been successively winning this seat since last two times and has been once again fielded by the BJP.

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