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Industrial development to scale new heights in Kota, says Om Birla

Kota: Industrial development is going to scale new heights in Kota with the plans of establishing vegetable processing plants as well as oilseeds and pulses based industries, said LS Speaker Om Birla.

“There is a plan to develop Kota as an industry hub so that Kota can also be established as an industry sector. This will provide new employment opportunities,” he told First India.

“Kota- Bundi is an agriculture-based area, where mustard, wheat, soyabean are produced. A plan is being made for using modern farming techniques in the agriculture sector and selling the produce,” he said.

During his Kota visit, Birla on Sunday met people at the camp office and heard their grievances.
The LS Speaker will inaugurate the Suposhit Maa Abhiyan in Bundi today.

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