Thursday, June, 13,2024

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Illegal firearms seized, 750 criminals held in Bharatpur

Bharatpur: In districts of Bharatpur and Deeg, the cops have detained 750 criminals in less than 36 hours. This operation involved 1200 police officers. According to IG Rahul Prakash, a calm and fair Lok Sabha election was ensured by starting an operation on April 11.

To apprehend the offenders, 36 hours of raids have been carried out. During the operation, raids have been conducted at 1,000 locations. Personnel from RAC and paramilitary groups were also participating in the operation. It is full of criminals of every description. In this operation, 13 instances of illegal firearms have been reported. However, just thirteen illicit firearms have been found. There are 34 incidences of illegal alcohol reported. On one, the NDPS has taken action. This is an ongoing action that will not stop in the future.

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