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If anyone in the world can develop India, it is Modi: CM

New Delhi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma on Sunday said that ‘BJP is a party of poor, laborers and farmers and it takes everyone along.

Addressing a meeting at Jalebi Chowk Khadar in East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency in support of the party candidate, he said that the one who does not have a house is getting a house in the BJP rule.

He said that in the election season, liars who show dreams will come and show their ‘shop’ of loot and lies but people should not give attention to them. Sharma said that if anyone in the world can develop India, it is Narendra Modi.

He said that the Prime Minister introduced schemes for poor welfare and women started feeling that someone is listening to them too.

“In 75 years, only Modi has been able to understand the problems of mothers and sisters,” he said.

Sharma also reached Shiv Vihar and addressed a meeting in support of Manoj Tiwari, candidate from North East Delhi seat. He said that before 2014, there used to be scams but after that there was no scam and whoever is involved in corruption is sent to jail.

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