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Have given what people asked from me: Gehlot

Pokran: CM Ashok Gehlot reached Bhaniyana near Pokaran and laid the foundation stone for Government College. Cabinet Minister Shale Mohammad & other public representatives and locals were also present. While addressing the gathering on the occasion, Gehlot counted the achievements of the unmatched schemes of the Congress government and said, “One after the other, we are bringing schemes. This has happened for the first time in history. Free treatment of up to Rs 10 lakh to the people of the state has been provided. There has been good rainfall in districts, and some of them have witnessed flood-like situation. ERCP is the lifegiving project for 13 districts. The PM had promised to include it in the National Project, but the Centre is not declaring it as a National Project. If this project comes on the ground, then Chambal floods will stop & wasted water will be utilised. I have appealed to 25 State MPs to cooperate in this, but instead, they have started doing politics.” “What Minister Shale Mohammad asked for, I have given,” the CM said.

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