Thursday, April, 15,2021

Good & Spirited Tally: Raj hits GST record again!

Jaipur: Not too long ago, there was a time when the revenue collection of states across the nation had hit an all time low due to Corona pandemic.

However, with persistent efforts of Commercial Taxes department, the state’s coffers witnessed record revenue collection, which had been a major breakthrough since other states were still struggling in collection.

But, perhaps what could be termed as another ‘Eureka’ moment for the state GST collectors, the wing has accrued `436 crore more than the previous year!

Highly placed sources have revealed that in the Financial Year 2020-21, a total of `38,272 crore in revenue was accrued while it stood at `37,796 crore an year before that.

“It is due to team work that we have been able to achieve this success. VAT and GST recovery has increased in the state,” said Abhishek Bhagotia, Chief Commissioner, SGST.

Interestingly, on a month-wise basis, the last month of recently ended Financial Year -March 2021-witnessed a 41.5% rise in revenue collection as compared to the previous years.

Total revenue collection in March stood at `2561 crore whereas in March 2020 the numbers stood at `1810 crore. 

Moreover, the data related to VAT collection also reflects positively for Rajasthan as in March-21 total `1589.09 crore were collected as compared to `1279.89 crore in March 2020 which is a 24% increase over previous year. 

The figures stand at 2% over the national growth for March and does not include the GST accrused on imported goods.

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