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''Ghoomer'', adorned camels in Rajasthan tableau on R-Day parade

New Delhi: Rajasthan's tableau on Friday gave a demonstration of the development of women's handicraft industries, and a glimpse of the cultural and architectural legacy of the state.

The tableau was fronted by a display of the state's famous 'ghoomar' dance – a traditional dance practised by the women of Rajasthan during festivals.

A statue of Meera Bai, a symbol of devotion and power, was displayed in the rear part of the tableau. The rich handicraft traditions including 'bandhej', 'bagru' print, and applique work depicted the skill of the women of Rajasthan.

The rear part of the tableau housed a decorated icon of a camel, the ship of the desert.

The United Nations has declared 2024, as the 'International Year of Camelids'.

The tableau showed two camels adorned with 'gorband,' a neckwear for camels, was in nod to the Camel Utsav held every year in the state.

A mannequin of a man in traditional attire personified the rural life in Rajasthan. On the other hand, there was a Rajasthani woman in traditional costume riding on a camel's back.

The tableau also acted as a stage to 10 folk dancers performing 'ghoomar,' moving to 'gorband' songs played with various folk instruments.

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