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Gaur to enforce Gehlot’s mandate in Jodhpur!

Jodhpur: A fiery and no-nonsense IPS officer, Ravi Dutt Gaur, has been given the reins of the Jodhpur Commissionerate which, according to knowledge able sources in the police department, is an example of trust and faith of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Gaur’s capabilities. As the 9th Commissioner of Jodhpur police, Gaur will have the onus of bringing the law and order in the city back on track.

Notably, prior to this appointment, Gaur has held challenging and important positions as DCP South in Jaipur Commissionerate for two years, DIG and IG at Kota for three years. The official was successful during this tenures and till date, locals from the regions remember Gaur’s tenure. Therefore, it is believed that Gaur will enforce Gehlot’s mandate in Jodhpur.

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