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Forest officials capture 2 leopards in Ajmer, Udaipur

Ajmer/Udaipur: Two leopards were caught by the forest officials in Ajmer and Udaipur districts on Sunday.
A female leopard was caught by forest officials in Beawar town of Ajmer district on Sunday and later released in the Todgarh Ravli Sanctuary.

“The leopard has killed other wild animals for its prey. The incidents created panic among the villagers and forest officials were informed about the movement of panther. The forest team placed a cage with a goat inside it. As soon as panther entered the cage, the forest officials caught the panther and later released the panther in the Todgarh Ravli Sanctuary.” Forester Gajendra Singh said.

In Udaipur, the leopard that mauled a 70-year-old farmer at Palri village of Udaipur on last Sunday finally got trapped in one of the cages that has been installed by the forest officials in the area. More than six cages were installed by the department in the area and various teams were formed to nab the big cat which was stalking in the residents of Palri village and was killing either stray dogs or cattle for pray.

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