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Drone carrying heroine worth Rs 13 crore shot down by BSF

Anupgarh: Late on Tuesday night, the Border Security Force shot down a drone on India-Pakistan border which contained heroine worth Rs 13 crore.

BSF soldiers patrolling the border heard the sound of the drone and upon locating the drone, opened fire at it. On the information of soldiers, police and BSF officials found 2 kg 610 grams of heroin in three packets whose estimated value is around Rs 13 crore.

SHO Balwant of Rawla police station said that a drone and 2.610 kg of heroin have been recovered 1600 meters inside the Indian border near Nemichand Post falling in Rawla police station area. After the drone fell down, BSF officers and Rawla police conducted a joint search operation in the area.

During a search on Tuesday, a drone and a packet were recovered in Rohi of village 23 KD.

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