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Dhirendra Shastri: As long as we are alive, we will continue to unite Sanatanis

Jodhpur: Acharya Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham on Monday, said that every Hindu should apply tilak on the forehead and hoist the flag of his religion outside the house.

At the Shri Ram Navami Mahotsav organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Jodhpur, he said, “We are not against any religion, but are staunch supporters of our own faith. We are not against anyone, everyone should live, but if you live by the rules then you will be benefitted.”

He said he will continue to unite the Sanatanis. Shastri said that he will continue to targetthe opponents of Sanatan Dharma. He will organise a five-day Katha & a ‘Divya Darbar’ in Jodhpur in days to come.

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