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Dausa-Gangapur rail line inaugurated after 30 yrs

Dausa: The dream of a thirtyyear-old rail line in Dausa has finally come true for the locals. The Dausa Gangapur rail line, constructed for 1020 crore rupees, saw its inaugural passenger train. On Saturday, with due protocol, MP Jaskaur Meena, DRM Vikas Kumar, former MLA Shankar Sharma, and other prominent BJP officials flagged off this inaugural Dausa Gangapur train. During the event, MP Meena described it as the crowning achievement of her political career, crediting Prime Minister Modi for prioritizing railway development. DRM Vikas Kumar also remarked that this has been made possible after a wait of 26 years. The passenger train will make stops at all 11 stations from Dausa to Gangapur.

Prior to departure, Pandit Kailash Sharma conducted the traditional worship of the engine as per rituals.

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