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Dairy minister Bhaya plays role of Finance Minister!

Jaipur: Rajasthan High court has given a jolt to Gopalan minister Pramod Jain Bhaya in a matter related to forcefully relieving of financial advisor of  Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation (RCDF) Lakhpat Meena, a senior officer of accounts service.

On minister’s directions, newly appointed MD Vishram Meena had issued the relieving order on October 1, which has been stayed by the high court and Lakhpat Meena has again taken over the post. 

The development has come as a huge embarrassment to Bhaya in political and bureaucratic circles. Under present rules, only the Finance minister, the charge of which is presently being held by the Chief Minister himself, is competent to issue such transfer orders but surprisingly in an arbritary and dictatorial manner, dairy minister Pramod Jain Bhaya has virtually exercised the powers of the finance minister.

In the present ‘compelled’ political scenario, no one in the finance department or CMO has taken any cognizance of this daring act of the dairy minister.  

An official of the 1996 batch of the Rajasthan Accounts Service, Lakhpat Meena is holding the post of Financial Advisor of RCDF since September 2019.

The appointment to this post is done by the finance department. In March this year, he was transferred to Renewable Energy Cooperation in place of K C Kumawat, who was shifted to RCDF as financial advisor. But this vice versa order was not executed till last month.

The finance department transferred Kumawat elsewhere and some other officer was given posting in the renewable corporation and nothing happened in the context of Meena, so he continued in the RCDF.

However, RCDF MD Vishram Meena relieved Lakhpat while giving the reference of the transfer order issued in March 2021 and in compliance with the minister’s directions. Since the post in Renewable corporation was already filled, Lakhpat then was retained at RCDF itself.

Meena approached HC and challenged the relieving order saying he was relieved with malafide intention and in a wrongful manner. He said that his appointing authority - Finance Department - has right to make changes in posting. Meena got posting on recommendation of Bhaya. 

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