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CP Joshi takes part in temple cleaning drive

Chittorgarh: BJP state president CP Joshi is on a tour of his parliamentary constituency Chittorgarh. On Sunday, he visited the Khardeshwar Mahadev temple located at the district headquarters and cleaned it and also participated in the holy procession.

Talking to First India, Joshi said that Ram Lalla will be consecrated in the temple of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. “This day is being celebrated as a festival in the entire country,” he said, adding that some leaders of certain parties had rejected the invitation for the consecration ceremony of Ram temple which is not a right thing to do.

The state president of the saffron party also went to the party office in Chittorgarh, where there were many Ex-Congress workers who had recently joined the BJP. These workers were inducred in the party by offering them scarves in a special initiation ceremony.

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