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Congress govt going and BJP’s coming on December 3: Amit Shah

Pali/ Jaitaran/ Sayala/Raniwara: Union Home Minister Amit Shah hit out at Congress on Wednesday and said that the Congress party and the Gandhi family are Rahu and Ketu of India. “The people of Rajasthan have leaked the Gehlot-ledRajasthan government’s paper. Congress is going on 3rd December and BJP is coming. Congress party and Gandhi family are Rahu and Ketu of India. All the troubles that have arisen in the future of India have happened only because of the Gandhi family and Congress,” said Amit Shah. “Ever since you made Modi ji the Prime Minister by giving him twenty-five seats out of twenty-six and twenty-five. Modi ji promised to send the Indian tricolour to the moon with Chandrayaan. By hosting G 20, Narendra Modi did the work of raising the flag of India’s diplomacy in the sky. Narendra Modi government made a new parliament building and made Kartavya Path,” he added.

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