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Cong, when in power, consistently cares for the poor, says Kharge

Banswara: Rahul Gandhi apologised to the crowd for being a little late in the programme and said, “I apologise for making you wait. A year ago we traveled 4,000 kms from the sea to the Himalayas wherein, I talked to people directly. 90% of India’s population is Dalit, tribal, backward and minority. But if we look at many systems of India, these people have no participation in them. The President is a tribal. Ram Temple was inaugurated, did you see her face? Why didn’t she show up? Is it because she is a tribal? There were no farmers, poor or laborers at the inauguration of Ram Mandir. Adani, Ambani and Bollywood celebrities were there. There are two Indias, one for the 5% and the other for the remaining 95%. Take out the list of 200 big companies of India and not a single farmer or tribal will be found in them.”

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge vowed a ‘Rozgar Revolution’ upon forming govt in 2024, emphasising youth employment. Addressing the gathering, Kharge said that whenever the Congress has come to power, it has always worked for taking care of the poor.

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