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CM celebrates 72nd birthday in Udaipur, says 1.96 crore guarantee cards distributed through 3,000 Mehangai Rahat camps in State

Udaipur: On the day he turned 72, CM Ashok Gehlot, decided to celebrate his birthday among the tribals of the state, instead of indulging in pomp and festivities. Thus, on Wednesday, he visited the Mehangai Rahat Camps in Ghata village of Kotra and Jhadol, a tribaldominated area of Udaipur district. Not only did Gehlot have meal at a tribal family’s home, but he also said that in this era of inflation and unemployment, efforts are being made to provide relief to the people of the state by providing benefits of health, social security and other public utility facilities.

Gehlot said, “About 3000 relief camps are being organized across the state. There is enthusiasm among the common people towards these relief camps. So far 43 lakh families have been provided relief through these camps and 1.97 crore guarantee cards have been distributed.

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