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‘Calling spl Parl session without revealing agenda dangerous thing’

Bhilwara: CM Ashok Gehlot in Bhilwara on Thursday said, ‘This time the public has made up its mind. We have not left any stone unturned in listening to the problems of the public and this time I can say with a promise that the Congress government will repeat in Rajasthan.’ Notably, over past 7 days, CM has stayed in Bhilwara for 3 days. In such a situation, it is clearly seen that CM’s special attention is being given to all 7 seats of Bhilwara.

CM Gehlot took a dig at PM Modi as well and said that PM Modi’s govt is playing a dangerous game with the country. The PM called the session of the Lok Sabha but no one even knows the agenda of the session, he said. “This time, those who voted for BJP will also vote for Congress. I say this with confidence. We want more districts to be formed in Rajasthan. Our government will be formed and more divisions and districts will be formed, I guarantee this. Public is my father. From the response of common people it seems that government will repeat. Excellent management was done in Corona through 500 meetings through VCs. No one slept hungry during the lockdown. OPS is a big decision in itself. Relief to the common man from the Right to Health Act,” CM Gehlot said.

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