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Bhupender’s proximity to PM gives him an edge on seat stuck in caste matrix

Alwar: The nomination of seasoned BJP stalwart and Union Minister Bhupender Yadav for the Alwar parliamentary seat has refocused attention on this constituency. Known for his strategic acumen in BJP’s electoral campaigns across various states, including Rajasthan, Bhupender Yadav is contesting the Lok Sabha elections for the first time after serving as an MP in the Rajya Sabha. Baba Balaknath, the previous MP from Alwar, now holds the position of MLA for Tijara Assembly constituency, paving the way for Bhupender Yadav’s candidacy.

In direct competition, the Congress has put forward Lalit Yadav, a young contender and recently elected MLA from Mundawar. It’s a head-tohead battle between the BJP and Congress candidates. Lalit Yadav’s victory is perceived as potentially bolstering the Opposition’s presence in Parliament.

With close ties to Modi and Amit Shah in Delhi, Bhupendra Yadav’s triumph could see him reinstated as a minister in the central government, promising progress for Alwar. After winning the elections from Congress in 2009, Bhanwar Jitendra Singh became a minister at the Center and tried to provide Alwar with the benefits of his proximity to the Gandhi family. Jitendra Singh suffered defeat in the subsequent election, yet his national political influence grew. Presently overseeing Madhya Pradesh and Assam, despite Congress setbacks in those states. Conversely, Bhupender Yadav, directing BJP’s Madhya Pradesh affairs in recent Assembly elections, is lauded for elevating Dr. Mohan Yadav to CM. Bhupender’s significant political standing quelled any local BJP discontent upon his candidacy announcement.

On the flip side, following Lalit Yadav’s nomination by Congress, twotime MP Dr. Karan Singh Yadav, district chief Balbir Chhillar, numerous head sarpanches, and organisation leaders have defected to BJP. Despite this, Congress strives to project unity.

In the campaign arena, BJP has capitalized on the situation. Home Minister Amit Shah led a significant roadshow. Additionally, BJP heavyweights, including CM Bhajan Lal Sharma and Haryana CM Nayab Saini, have campaigned vigorously. Priyanka Gandhi conducted a roadshow in Alwar city for the Congress candidate, while party state president Govind Dotasra convened a meeting.

In Alwar, Yadav voters wield significant influence over the election outcome. Congress’s success in winning over Yadav support could lead to a chance of victory, but BJP appears to be gaining momentum otherwise.

Bhupender Yadav’s prominent Yadav leadership, combined with his ties to Alwar as a Rajya Sabha MP and involvement in local budget allocations, positions him advantageously. Lalit Yadav, MLA from Mundawar, strengthens this narrative, with some Yadav voters anticipating dual representation if Bhupender wins. While Congress relies on Meo voters, BJP’s strong booth presence currently gives them a substantial advantage.

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