Friday, December, 02,2022

Ambani and family visits Nathdwara for Shrinathji's darshan

Industrialist Mukheshbhai Ambani visited Nathdwara, a town near Udaipur (Rajasthan) for Shrinathji’s darshan. Lord Shrinathji is 7 year old form of Shri Krishna, the deity who blessed all of Vraj with his love and Lilas And Shrinathji temple has over 350 years of tradition. The Ambani family, starting with Dhirubhai Ambani, and Kokilaben Ambani have been firm believers of Shrinathji, and followers of Pushti Marg. So much so that, Mukesh Ambani commenced the first wedding in his family — that of his daughter Isha Ambani, with Shrinathji’s maha aarti. His wife and philanthropist Nita Ambani performed a dance on Madhurashtakam, which is composed by Shri Vallabhacharyaji (the founder of Pushti Marg) which indeed was a spectacle of love towards lord shrinathji. The first direct descendant of Shri Vallabhacharyaji is the prime pontiff of the Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple and is the head of the entire Pushti Marg — Goswami Tilakayat Shri Rakeshji Maharaj. The relationship of Dhirubhai and then Mukhesbhai with Shriman Tilakayat Maharaj and his son Vishal Bawa sahab is a legacy in itself. And with Vishal Bawa taking the onus and spreading the teachings of Pushti through India and the globe (UAE, Bahrain, USA ), the young generation of Ambanis are also connecting with the religion. Mukeshbhai along with Radhika took blessings of vishal bawa, taking blessings for the entire family for their wellbeing and congratulated on new ventures including 5g launch in india , retail and green energy. This legacy is now being taken forward with Anant Ambani, with Vishal Bawa working tireless to tie social upliftment with dharma. As a young business icon of this day and age, and a person rooted in Pushti way of life, Anant Ambani will take this bond into the next generation. Because Pushti is a sect that is broad minded, simple, and bars blind faith. It propagates a way to serve and worship God while going about your daily life just as you would. The perfect balance between your ‘sansar’ and your ‘Parambrahma’.

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