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Ajmer DRM office turns into court room for ‘Jolly LLB-3’ shooting

Ajmer: The Divisional Railway Manager’s office in Ajmer has been turned into the Delhi Court for the shooting of actor Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Jolly LLB-3’.

Shooting will continue for about a fortnight in the month of May. During this, many artistes, including Akshay Kumar and others will be in Ajmer.

Arshad Warsi has arrived for the shooting. He also performed Ziyarat at Ajmer Dargah on Monday before starting the shooting. To avoid people, he had covered his face and sat in the Anjuman Committee for a while and then left. The Railways has rented the DRM office to the film production company till May 10. The set of the court complex, courtroom and temple is being constructed here. Ajmer division will earn Rs 27 lakh from this shooting. Apart from the DRM office, shooting will be done in Devmali village as well.

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