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4-member panel formed by JP Nadda meets family, visits spot

Bhilwara: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Locket Chatterjee on Sunday slammed the Rajasthan government over the Bhilwara incident. Chatterjee said that the Gehlot government should resign.

“It is brutal. We cannot express it. I met the family. There are no words to express...The government is silent. Nobody is speaking a word. Had the Police been alert, they would have perhaps saved the girl. Congress speaks about other states but not about what is happening in their own states. The entire country is looking at Rajasthan, the Gehlot Government should resign...”, said the BJP MP.

A four-member committee of women MPs from the Bharatiya Janata Party reached the residence of the Bhilwara victim incident to meet her family.

The committee is to submit its report to National presient of the party, JP Nadda.

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