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World’s Only Combined Trade Show for Incense, Fragrances, Soap & Detergent Industry, Incense Media Expo 2023, To Be Held in Mumbai from 6 to 7 May 2023

Mumbai: Spread over 100,000 Lakh sq ft area, “Incense Media Expo”, India’s leading combined trade fair for Incense, Fragrances, Soap & Detergent industry, shall be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO, Goregaon East, Mumbai INDIA from 6 to 7 May 2023. This unique exhibition is an ideal opportunity for retailers, wholesalers and distributors to expand their business by connecting with manufacturers/suppliers of Incense sticks, Fragrances, Spiritual accessories, Soaps & Detergent, Toiletries & Cosmetics, as well as allied industries like packaging, machinery, e-commerce providers etc.

Valued at close to USD 1 Billion, India’s agarbatti or incense sticks sector is slated to grow at 15% annually. The import policy of agarbatti and other odoriferous preparations which operate by burning was revised from free to restricted, resulting in a boost for the domestic industry. Since the majority of units are from the MSME sector that is unorganized and fragmented, this move enhanced their competitiveness and enabled modernization to improve productivity. This has also boosted India’s exports to almost INR 1000 crore during 2022 garnering a significant 10% share of the global market.  The Indian soap market is valued at approx. USD 3.5 billion presently and likely to touch USD 5 billion by 2027, whereas the Perfume market in India adds almost 600 – 800 crore every year to its market size.

Says Deepak Goyal, Organizer of Incense Media Expo, “Our B2B media house has been engaged in the development of Indian Incense-Fragrance (Perfume), Soap-Detergent, Tea & Coffee and Footwear Industries through Publications, Exhibitions, Business Promotion Events & Conferences. A platform like this gives participants – especially MSMEs - a cost-effective opportunity to penetrate the national and global markets.”

Informative seminars and workshops on incense-making techniques and on the process of creating beautiful fragrances shall also be held on the sidelines of the Incense Media Expo 2023. The expo has more than 165 exhibitors and is expected to be attended by 10000+ decision-makers. 

The main sponsor of Incense Media Expo 2023 is Tamil Nadu-based Delta Brand, whereas the other sponsors are Norex Flavours, Oceans Deep Printers, La Whiff Fragrances, Azelis Ashapura, Affarom, Hari Darshan, Laxmi Products, Aromatika, Singapuraship and Ikta Aromatics Ltd. Other sponsors are Shimmer Sugandhiya, Forest Fragrance, Nikhils Agarbatti and Ram Aromatics, with Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) being the technical partner.

Visitor registration is free online at till 3 May 2023 while “on-the-spot” visitors will be charged a fee of Rs. 100 for entry. For more info, please

contact [email protected] /

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