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Varmora Plastech’s Commitment to India: Healthy & Homegrown Products and Millions of Jobs

Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Varmora Plastech is leading the plastic industry in India through its consumer and environment-friendly plastic products. Their mission is to promote healthy and convenient lifestyles across India, while also creating employment opportunities for thousands of skilled and unskilled workers alike.

Varmora Plastech, contradicting the general shaming of plastic for its detrimental effects on health and our surroundings, has initiated its "The Good Plastic" mission. This revolutionary approach to manufacturing plastic goods that prioritizes healthier living and sustainable environmental practices reflects their determination to better the lives of people throughout India.

Thus, Varmora has taken steps to educate its customers on what makes plastic products healthy. From being BPA-free to receiving FDA approval for food-grade plastic, Varmora is working towards meeting the highest standards of safety and quality in plastic for its consumers. This further solidifies their position as a trusted leader in the industry.

Varmora Plastech has set its presence across 15 Indian states and has also expanded into 13 countries worldwide. Their legacy has entered into its third decade and through their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Varmora Plastech has ingrained a philosophy of “Innovating Happiness” into every aspect of their operations. 

Thus, with their global outlook and a staunch commitment to bring about a positive change in the lives of people, Varmora Plastech is leaving a solid mark on the plastic industry. Their innovative spirit, dedication to consumer satisfaction, and attractive product range are enabling them to shape the future of the market, while also leaving a long-lasting impact on the lives of countless families, both as customers and employees alike. 

Contact (Varmora Homeware)
Raj Kumar Varmora
Phone number - 9909908083

Work Office Address - Plot no: 3, Survey 1, Block No: 86, PO-Vasma Chancharwadi, Near Divya Bhasker Press, Bavla Chandogar Highway, Gujarat, India - 382213

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