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Unveiling Lost Treasure - A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

New Delhi: Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Karbi Anglong, one of the only two hill districts in the state of Assam, Radiant Northeast India Co., is a family-owned and operated Alcobev business that embodies the Assamese term “Lahe Lahe” roughly translating to “Whats the hurry take it easy”. 

From a humble beginning as a liquor retail shop owner, Mr. Dani Chand steered the company to become a premier manufacturer of quality alcoholic beverages in Northeast India. The Chairman humbly acknowledges "Our growth is a testament to our team's dedication and the unwavering support of our patrons".  Mr. Dani Chand, who built the company from scratch, has involved his children in the business and has given them the opportunity to shape its future.

Founded in 2006 on the ethos of excellence, innovation, and legacy, Raizel Circle by Vicky Chand the eldest son embodies the very same commitment to redefine the landscape of spirits with products that resonate across generations. Vicky Chand, can be considered as a visionary scion and his global odyssey across India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Scotland has provided him the canvas for innovative creations, blending tradition with a modern twist.

It is with this approach that Lost Treasure was launched during the Diwali of 2023 in Assam. This launch not only signifies a milestone but also reflects the company's dedication to collaborating with kindred spirits to expand its footprint across India and beyond.

"Lost Treasure is more than a beverage; it's an experience—an invitation to savour the depths of our craftsmanship," expresses Mr. Vicky Chand, illuminating the essence of this remarkable creation. Embracing Assam's diversity and spirit of adventure, this elixir is christened 'Lost Treasure,' evoking an air of mystery and allure. The slogan, "Stronger than coffee, smoother than a love song," is aimed at creating a fun engagement that the drink embodies. 

But a question beckons why coffee and why Coffee Rum? 

To which Mr. Vicky Chand replied that Lost Treasure has NO added sugar, colour or rum flavour. A unique ‘Cold Brew’ method is used to add flavour and colour where in the coffee flavours are allowed to steep into the blend by letting it rest for upto 24 hours. Additionally the meticulous blend of pure cane, grain, malt spirits give the rum its sweetness. 

The rum does seem like an absolute gem for mixologists inviting exploration throughout the year from hot toddies to summer mojitos or monsoon lattes. Upon taking a sip you will agree that Lost Treasure does embody the essence of purity that can be found in Northeast India. 

Accompanying Lost Treasure are other distinguished offerings, including Castle Hill Dark Knight Small Batch Whiskey, a testament to collaboration with Master Blender & Distiller John Mc Doughall, and the vibrant Vinho Porto Wines—a symphony of Port, White, Red, and Cranberry wines. Surprisingly they also have been serving for over a decade with graceful sophistication White Magic Tango Gin & Orange.

As per Mr. Vicky Chand the company is a small family run business that is open to collaborations with like-minded individuals and teams who want a share the treasures he and his team members have uncovered. He is hopeful that with the growing interest being garnered by Northeast India new opportunities will open up to improve the availability & visibility of the local craft spirits brands across India & abroad.

Join the Chand family on this odyssey by following them to uncover avenues to experience the captivating essence of Lost Treasure and its companions. We hope the Chands successfully manage to stay true to the values of tradition and innovation.

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