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Stanford Alum’s Start-up BuiltX: Transforming Construction Industry with Affordable, High-Quality Projects for Non-Profits.

New Delhi: In a testament to the transformative power of start-ups, BuiltX Sustainable Design & Construction, founded by Stanford alum Abdul Aleem, is redefining the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) landscape in India. As the country's first AEC firm exclusively dedicated to partnering with non-profits, BuiltX is pioneering a new approach to sustainable infrastructure, particularly in the healthcare and education sectors. This innovative start-up exemplifies how emerging companies are driving change and addressing critical needs with agility and ingenuity.

Founded in late 2021 by Abdul Aleem, who returned to his home state of Bihar during the devastating second wave of COVID-19, BuiltX was created to fill a glaring gap in infrastructure development for non-profits. Aleem's firsthand experience of the pandemic's impact highlighted the urgent need for robust, high-quality infrastructure, especially in healthcare. Non-profits, despite their dedication, often faced challenges with inadequate facilities and unreliable local contractors.

BuiltX has swiftly positioned itself as a solution to these challenges by offering top-tier construction services at significantly reduced costs—10% to 25% below market rates. By operating on low margins, BuiltX enables non-profits to save substantial funds, which can then be redirected towards their core missions. This business model not only ensures the realization of excellent infrastructure projects but also maximizes the social impact of these non-profits.

"Our vision is an India where everyone has access to good healthcare, quality education, and hearty recreation.” said Abdul Aleem, co-founder and CEO of BuiltX.

BuiltX’s mission to positively impact 100 million lives through construction projects by 2040 exemplifies the ambitious goals that start-ups can set and achieve. The organization's success is rooted in its core values: empathy, integrity, sustainability, and innovation. These values are integral to their operations. Empathy drives the organization to offer affordable pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring that non-profits can achieve their infrastructure goals. Integrity fosters trust and transparency in all collaborations, crucial for building long-lasting partnerships. Sustainability guides their project designs, which aim to minimize environmental impact and achieve certifications like LEED and Green Building. Innovation is a continuous pursuit, with BuiltX leveraging the latest construction technologies to deliver tailored solutions.

Despite being a relatively new player, BuiltX has already achieved significant milestones. The organization has constructed over 300,000 square feet of infrastructure for non-profits, projects that will directly impact more than 1,000,000 people in the next decade. One of their standout achievements is the construction of the largest eye hospital in Eastern India—a 500-bed super specialty facility for Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital in Bihar. This hospital, which will perform over 100,000 free eye surgeries annually, is set to become the largest charitable eye hospital in India by the number of surgeries conducted.

The impact of BuiltX extends beyond its immediate projects. By offering a comprehensive partnership through the Integrated Project Delivery method, BuiltX ensures a seamless process from start to finish. This approach allows non-profit partners to focus on their missions while BuiltX manages every detail of the project. By collaborating with top architects and consultants, BuiltX provides turnkey solutions encompassing planning, architectural design, engineering, and construction.

As BuiltX looks to the future, the organization is committed to expanding its operations across North India, beyond its initial focus on Eastern India. By forging partnerships with respected non-profits, BuiltX aims to build more hospitals and schools, furthering its mission to create a lasting social impact through sustainable infrastructure.

By addressing critical needs with innovative solutions, BuiltX is changing the face of the AEC industry in India, demonstrating the profound impact that start-ups can have on society and the economy.

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