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Qaid - No Wayyy Out' Set for Release in India, Announces Sonia W. Kohli

New Delhi: After winning several awards overseas, Sonia W Kohli’s new movie, Qaid – No Wayyy Out is all for India release on 23rd February 2024.

The film recently bagged the Cannes World Film Festival Award in the LGBTQ Best Movie category. The film is written, directed, and produced by Sonia W Kohli, and stars Tai Khan, Mohinder Mohan Kohli, Ashwini Kinhikar, Ashish Datta, Sonia Goswami, and Khalid Mahmud.

Talking about her directing her own screenplay, Sonia said, “Writing and directing are two different processes, individually both have their own challenges, but the collective experience, directing my own screenplay was natural and easy. You can easily communicate your expectations to the actors.”

Set against the backdrop of London, the film revolves around Jigar, who moves to London to live his life on his terms, but destiny leads him into a trap with no way out.

When asked about the social issue genre film lacks commercial value, Sonia said, “When I chose the subject, I didn’t think about the commercial element, when I chose subject all I had was an idea and determination to make it. I don’t think I am into filmmaking from a commercial perspective. I will find commercial success, if not with this one, perhaps with the next one. I feel that I should enjoy what I do, and it should have some meaning, otherwise, there is no sense of doing it at all. When I started making Qaid, I found the idea to be unique and close to reality.”

Adding about the relatively new ensemble, Sonia said, “From what I have observed, people often tell you to hire a known actor, I think I am going to change this culture, why will your movie only work if there is a known actor in it? Why can’t we cast a new actor, who is talented, and all the known actors were newcomers at some point of time, and anyone can become big or known at any time, give someone talented a chance, and they will be equally good.”

This diverse line-up of talent brings to life a narrative inspired by true events, promising audiences an immersive journey into the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals grappling with societal prejudice and discrimination.

Backed by Kunishka Productions LTD, the film releases on February 23, 2024.

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