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Popular Influencer Kili Paul's Debut Song in India, "Super Sexy," Released by AB Bansal Music

New Delhi: Internationally renowned influencer and viral sensation Kili Paul has debuted in the Indian music scene with "Super Sexy," released by AB Bansal Music. The song has garnered a tremendous response from listeners and viewers alike.

Bollywood singer Altamash Faridi makes his debut appearance alongside Kili Paul in this latest offering from AB Bansal Production. The star-studded lineup includes Kili Paul, Altamash Faridi, Bhalu Rapper, Shyna Sunsara, and Abhey Bansal. Directed by Prince 810, this captivating production features music and lyrics by Kuwar Virk, with Shyna Sunsara as the co-producer and Shaikh Sajid Ali as the creative producer.

Actress Shyna Sunsara revealed that the song was filmed in Dubai's most picturesque locations. Packed with dance, comedy, and entertainment, the video has been a hit among music enthusiasts, providing a joyful experience for both the audience and the actors during filming.

Sarthak Bansal, Director of AB Group, expressed that the music company was established to offer a significant platform to emerging artists, musicians, and singers, and remains committed to fulfilling this vision.

Renowned Bollywood singer Altamash Faridi expressed his gratitude to Abhey Bansal, highlighting his excitement for his first video appearance in "Super Sexy." He commended the song's appeal to the youth.

Director Prince 810 praised the heartfelt performances of Altamash Faridi and Bhalu Rapper, emphasizing the transformative power of the music produced by Abhey Bansal.

Editors Hamza Sunsara and Harsh Vardhan Singh enhanced the video with their exceptional editing skills, while Shakti Singh handled the VFX and graphics, adding to the visual allure of the song.

Creative producer Shaikh Sajid Ali contributed his creative insights to the project, ensuring the music video's success.

Notably, AB Bansal Music plans to release more songs in the near future, promising an exciting lineup for music enthusiasts.

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