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National Association Of Realtors (NAR) India Unveils New Leadership Team And Innovative Initiatives To Shape The Future Of Real Estate In India

New Delhi: The National Association of Realtors (NAR) India proudly announces its new leadership team for the upcoming year, poised to lead the charge in shaping the future of the real estate industry across India. The diverse and dynamic team includes industry stalwarts, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles.

In acknowledgment of Mr. Ravi Varma's remarkable contributions, the departing chairman has been granted the esteemed title of "Chairman Emeritus" and appointed to a permanent advisory seat on the Governing Body. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the longest-serving chairman in the history of NAR India.

The Leadership Team: Mr. Sumanth Reddy – Chairman, Mr. Tarun Bhatia – Vice Chairman and Global Ambassador, Mr. Amit Chopra – President, Mr. Shivakumar C. R. – Immediate Past President, Mr. Chandresh Vithalani – President-Elect, Mr. Nishit Shah – Vice President, Mr. Mahesh Somani – Vice President, Mr. Abhijit Bhagwat – Vice President, Ms. Kirti Bhosale – Vice President, Mr. Vikas Agarwal – Hon. Secretary, Mr. Ashish Mehta – Treasurer, Mr. Ashwin Rasane – Organising Secretary, Mr. Chetan Chopra – Joint Secretary, Mr. Arvind Gupta – Director – North Central, Mr. B Prabhu – Director – South zone, Mr. Mehul Vithalani – Director – West Zone, Mr. Rajesh Baid – Director – East zone, Mr. Gajendra Limbachiya – Director – North West zone.

The new leadership team remains steadfast in its commitment to driving NAR India's mission of promoting professionalism and ethics within the real estate industry in India. They aspire to be catalysts for positive change, contributing significantly to India's overall development.

This year, the leadership team has a multifaceted focus. Our primary objectives include realizing the vision of Organised Realty with initiatives such as "One India One License," bringing all realty activities under the purview of RERA, and advocating for the due respect of those working in the realty sector. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the government's vision of propelling India towards strength and development, aligning with the goal of achieving a 40 Trillion Economy by 2050.

NAR-INDIA plans to host more specialized conclaves, exemplified by the recent success of the Industrial Realty & Warehousing Conclave held before the National Convention in Goa. Emphasis will be placed on education and skill development, with the launch of various initiatives to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of our members.

Furthermore, NAR India aspires to create an online business platform facilitating seamless transactions among our members and others. Strengthening our ties with the government and collaboratively working towards building a New Bharat will be our guiding principle.

"We are working towards making the vision of Organised Realty a reality, including the goal of 'One India One License,' bringing all realty under the ambit of RERA, and elevating the respect for those working in Realty," says Mr. Sumanth Reddy, the newly appointed Chairman, NAR- India.

"In this era of transformation, our leadership team is dedicated to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and charting a course for a resilient and progressive real estate landscape in India. Together, we embark on a journey to redefine industry standards and contribute meaningfully to the growth and sustainability of the real estate sector." - Mr. Amit Chopra, President NAR- India.

NAR-India will host more subject matter conclaves, focusing on Education & Skill Development and launching initiatives to elevate the knowledge and abilities of its members. The association aims to create an online business platform to facilitate seamless transactions among members and with external partners. Strengthening ties with the government and collaborating to build a New Bharat is a key focus for the new leadership team.

Established in 2008, NAR-India is the preeminent representative body and advocacy group for Real Estate Transaction Advisory professionals. As a non-profit organization, NAR-India is dedicated to establishing the highest standards and accreditation in the real estate industry and fostering professional development for its members. With over 30,000 members nationwide, NAR-India encourages adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards while providing comprehensive resources and support to Realtors across the country.

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