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NAR India and GAR Announce an Unprecedented Success at NARVIGATE 2024 - Transformative Real Estate PAN India Convention

New Delhi: In a historic collaboration, NAR India and GAR have achieved unparalleled success with the realization of NARVIGATE 2024 - a ground-breaking Industrial Real Estate convention and Warehousing Conclave that unfolded against the captivating backdrop of Goa. This event, held from February 29th to March 2nd, not only marked the 16th NAR-INDIA National Convention but also stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, bringing together over 1200 industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from across India and the world.

The former Union Minister, Shri Suresh Prabhu, addressed the audience, stressing that "real estate acts as the bedrock fortifying the Indian economy, and with a forward-thinking government, the current advancements and innovations are essential and attainable." Additionally, he underscored that "such gatherings play a pivotal role in nurturing heightened business activities and sector-specific transactions."

Special Guest Mr. Mauvin Godinho, Minister of Transport, also addressed the participants. He expressed, "GOA is emerging as a focal point in the Real Estate sector. We are pleased to be on the brink of significant development. I applaud organizations like GAR and NAR-India for seizing this growth potential and organizing such a large-scale event in Goa. Such initiatives will not only contribute to Goa's growth but will also have a positive impact on a national scale."

NAR-India solidified its commitment to global cooperation by announcing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with esteemed international associations, including the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS® (USA), Greater Bergen REALTORS® (USA), and the Thai Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association (Thailand). These partnerships aim to enhance business development, education, and awareness among real estate professionals globally.

Key Highlights:

  • The convention delved into the Goan real estate market, offering a comprehensive understanding of trends, dynamics, and investment opportunities. Experts from the IPB/Hi-Power Committee/Tourism shared valuable insights in a fireside chat.
  • Renowned figures such as Rohit Gera, Managing Director of Gera Developers, and Sam Chopra delivered thought-provoking talks on the future of real estate, innovation, and challenges facing the sector.
  • The convention featured diverse sessions, including motivational talks, fireside chats, and panel discussions, covering topics such as influencer marketing, technology's impact on real estate, and the strategic value of channels.
  • The event culminated in an awards ceremony, acknowledging the outstanding contributions of individuals across various fields, celebrating excellence and innovation. 
  • A motivational session with Ashutosh Rana, renowned actor and motivational speaker, titled "Transforming Adversity into Opportunity."

The convention facilitated exclusive networking sessions and business matchmaking events, providing a unique opportunity for interaction among Brokers, Developers, Landlords, Investors, Bankers, potential clients, and partners. Attendees leveraged personalized branding opportunities, ensuring optimal brand recall.

The Innovation Showcase featured cutting-edge products and solutions, highlighting a commitment to technological advancement within the real estate sector. The impact of NARVIGATE 2024 extends beyond the event through post-event coverage and content distribution, ensuring continued visibility and recognition for participants.

Mr. Ravi Varma, Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Sumanth Reddy – Chairman (NAR India), Mr. Tarun Bhatia, Vice Chairman and Global Ambassador, Mr. Shivakumar C. R. – Immediate Past President (NAR India), Mr. Amit Chopra – President (NAR India), Mr. Chandresh Vithalani President-Elect (NAR India), Mr. Vikas Agarwal – Secretary (NAR India), Mr. Ashsish Mehta, Treasurer (NAR India), Mr. Ashwin Rasane Organising Secretary (NAR India), Mr. Mehul Vithalani – Director – West Zone (NAR India),  Mr. Keshav Prabhu – President (GAR), Mr. Nitin Mehra – Chairperson Convention, Mr. Ravish Manchanda – Chairperson Expo & Conclave, Mr. Raj Mehta – Chairperson Hospitality & Registration addressed the media recently.

Various companies from the real estate sector enthusiastically took part in the conclave, showcasing their offerings through stalls. Noteworthy participants included Escala Realty, The Windsouls, All Warehouses, Privyr, Sumadhura Logistics Park, Manasum Senior Living, Rayna Properties, Northeast Florida Association of Realtors, Manas Developers, Gera, The Homes Collection, Central Park, Acron, Real Budget, and Real Budget Growth Ltd.

The event celebrated excellence through awards, recognizing contributors to the industry. Renowned figures led insightful sessions on logistics, e-commerce, sustainable development, and regulatory updates. Diverse professionals attended, discussing crucial topics like India's role as a global manufacturing hub and technological integration in warehousing, fostering dialogue and collaboration.

The convention culminated in an awards ceremony, acknowledging outstanding contributions across various fields and featuring a motivational session with Ashutosh Rana, renowned actor, and motivational speaker. Exclusive networking sessions and business matchmaking events provided a unique opportunity for interaction among industry stakeholders.

Leadership figures from NAR India and GAR expressed their enthusiasm and pride in the success of NARVIGATE 2024, highlighting its role as a catalyst for positive change and excellence in the real estate sector.

Mr. Amit Chopra, President NAR-India, stated: "This ground-breaking Conclave serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of NAR India and GAR, bringing together industry leaders to address pivotal challenges and pave the way for innovation in Industrial Real Estate & Warehousing.”

Mr. Sumanth Reddy, Chairman NAR-INDIA & MD IIRE, added: "The success of NARVIGATE 2024 reflects the commitment of industry leaders towards driving positive change and excellence in the real estate sector. We have so much more to look forward to.”

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