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IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) adapts to the skilling ecosystem for an equitable future

New Delhi: IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) was founded in 1990 to empower aspiring business leaders to gain knowledge and acquire essential skills to advance their careers.

They recognized the need for institutes to adopt a student-centred learning approach. They differentiated themselves from other educational institutes by offering best-in-class infrastructure and learning resources to foster entrepreneurship, research, and innovation.

However, the ever-evolving professional landscape - amidst economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, unpredictable geopolitical situations, and global warming - is shifting the education system's approach. Put simply, the world is evolving rapidly, as do the economies, and it demands a skilled workforce to drive the nation's growth. 

The adventitious nature presents a distinct demographic opportunity to empower young minds with relevant skill sets and mindsets for the 21st century. Nonetheless, the conventional form of education has often overlooked the importance of preparing students to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

Aspiring youngsters must be competent and cultivate the right attitude, knowledge, and values to make informed and smart decisions. This is why skill-first education is becoming the need of the hour in the Indian education system, which aims to promote the career growth of ambitious learners.


Moreover, infusing a skill-first learning approach in modern education will help businesses from diverse industries to build an inclusive and highly skilled workforce. Such an impact will not only give youngsters access to lucrative jobs but also paves the way for a prosperous economy.

Nonetheless, it is evident that there are some existing flaws in the path, and it might be difficult and time-consuming to reform our education system. However, taking one step at a time will make it happen. Educators across the nation must come forward and implement all the possible measures to guide the students throughout their journey. To manifest the process, it is paramount for every individual to think beyond grades and acquire essential skills. 

Implementing a skill-first learning approach will enable the student to see beyond their limited worldview, encompassing them with the inquisitiveness as future seekers of the Millenium. With the rise of various skilled workforce roles, this purpose-driven approach will encourage the students to be part of breaking down the cycle of unemployment. Besides, a clear objective and a solid foundation will enhance the art of learning in a young mind, empowering them to emerge as eminent professionals in their chosen fields. 

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) has grasped the transition pulse and revamped the concept of the rote learning approach by incorporating interdisciplinary practices to instil fresh, focal skills in the nation's young minds. Besides keeping pace with the rapid technological transformation, they focus on communication, curiosity, problem-solving, leadership, resilience, and stress tolerance. These skills help expand a student's career opportunities and promote equity in the workplace.


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