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IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis invite applications for their 9th Batch of executive MBA program

Mumbai: A momentous convergence of academic excellence and global reputation, the joint venture between IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis establishes a trailblazing program in executive education. By synergizing IIT Bombay's technical prowess with Washington University in St. Louis’s business education excellence, this partnership sets new industry standards. Fostering cross-cultural collaboration and thought leadership, the alliance not only enriches education but also propels innovation in the business world.

The Executive MBA program gives the participants an opportunity to expand their horizons, learn from experience and interaction with the others participants and the faculty. The learning path is empowered by the opportunity to immediately apply concepts, skills, and know-how acquired through assignments, drawn from business and current managerial challenges.

Upon completion of the program, graduates become part of a prestigious and influential alumni network. This network extends across various industries and geographies, offering abundant opportunities for collaboration, networking, and professional advancement. Graduates are positioned to make a significant impact on their organisations and the business community at large.

The recent graduated Batch 7, comprising accomplished executives, embarked on a transformative journey that spanned two continents. Over the course of the program, they delved into a comprehensive curriculum that encompassed strategic management, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The participants had the opportunity to engage in immersive study tours, industry interactions, and case studies, gaining valuable insights and perspectives from renowned faculty and industry experts.

The graduates, hailing from diverse industries and backgrounds, successfully completed the rigorous curriculum. The graduation ceremony held at Washington University’s campus in St. Louis, USA, was a testament to their dedication and the program's commitment to nurturing exceptional leaders.

Speaking about the success of the program, Mr. Gopal Shukla, the joint venture CEO, stated, “The EMBA program has exceeded our expectations by creating a transformative learning experience for executives. This joint venture not only reinforces IIT Bombay-WashU‘s  commitment to excellence but also nurtures an environment where knowledge and innovation thrive. The success of our graduates in Batch 7 is a testament to the program's efficacy and its ability to prepare leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.”

The Head, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao further added that "The IIT Bombay-WashU EMBA program embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation. We are proud to be part of this unique partnership that fosters leadership excellence and equips professionals with the skills to drive meaningful change. We are excited to welcome Batch 9 and witness their growth as they embark on this transformative journey."

Prof. Anjan Thakor (Interim Dean – Olin Business School) adds, “This program will open doors and create many opportunities for you to transform organizations and make an impact on the world. As a 21st century leader, you must be prepared to meet and manage the tides of innovation, disruption and change that roil the world today. It is up to you to navigate this age of disruption with creativity and empathy. You will have to balance your decision making with data before you and the principles that guide you.”

An exhaustive and immersive 18-month course, the EMBA is for a leadership role that prepares professionals to navigate from domain expertise to leadership roles. Conveniently held for 4 consecutive days, every month from Thursday to Sunday, it consists of 17 Residency Teaching Modules in India and 3 in Washington, D.C. & St. Louis.

Organized at State-of-the-art classrooms and best-in-class accommodations at IIT Bombay Campus, Mumbai it also includes One on one Executive Coaching tailored for career development.

With Alumni status and privileges of both the universities, it plugs you into a global network of achievers and business leaders across the globe. The top 20% of the class joins the global Beta Gamma Sigma network.

The participants come from a range of industries and functions, are technology savvy, open to change and passionate about performance. They are winners who have demonstrated career progression and success across levels. Each one of them has a strong drive to succeed and have reached out for exceptional career milestones.

Admission for Batch 9 is open now. The fee for the program is Rs 42 Lakhs (INR Forty-two Lakhs). Tuition fees include costs of textbooks, study material, lodging, and meals for the residency.

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