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Holiday Gift Guide by Kidsmate: Best Tricycles, Scooters, and Other Toy Ideas

Punjab (India): Kidsmate, the industry giant of cycles and its related products has come up with an interesting range of seasonal gifts. For anyone who is looking for the best last-minute gift ideas for little children, the wide range of Tricycles, Scooters, and other toys from the Kidsmate’s children’s section will save your day. 

Learning to ride a tricycle helps the tiny tots develop physical skills such as pedaling and steering. Further, such activities also help in building their cognitive skills like estimating distance, circumnavigating, and hand-eye coordination. A tricycle or a scooter also offers little ones a sense of individuality. It will allow them to build self-confidence before they are ready for an adult bicycle.

What differentiates a tricycle from a bicycle other than the obvious number of wheels is that trikes are lower to the ground. Further, a tricycle has larger wheels, which makes them better matched for young children. Therefore, it is more suitable for children who have not yet grasped balancing or cycling.

Considering such factors Kidsmate has created different categories of tricycles that have an age assessment that starts at or before 2 years of age. A good tricycle is one of the most opted gifts for toddlers. Hence, the experts have taken extra care in creating such amazing wheels. 

Other toys that are ideal for toddlers till age 3 include water tables and magnetic toys. Such toys help tiny tots develop new skills by enhancing their cognitive development. Another great option for gifts for children is mini scooters. Scooters for children are one of the most unique creations of Kidsmate that allows every child to have fun without the worry of getting hurt. 

The Indian brand that is known for its impeccable products and services since 1977 is not only offering trendy wheels to kids but also numerous accessories to ensure their utmost safety and comfort. It is ideal to get proper accessories like helmets, and safety pads while gifting a child tricycles or scooters. 

The owners of Kidsmate have recently stated that “the seasonal gifting range for children is going to be phenomenal in the market. The tricycles, scooters, and other gifts are crafted with the finest materials, and the next-gen designs make the products a trendsetter among children of different age groups.”

The brand that has been developed in Punjab has become a global name in the niche of creating and manufacturing cycles. As the Jindals believe in constant evolution, their mindset reflects on their creation. It is safe to say that the invention of the next-gen cycles has come from this mindset.

About the Company:

Kidsmate is an Indian company that has made a name for itself in the global market of cycles. The company is situated in Punjab, India and the owners have been running their business since 1977. Since the beginning, Kidsmade has been producing unique cycles and accessories that are unparalleled both in quality and comfort. Additionally, the Jindals also offer one year of warranty on their products, which makes their service facilities remarkable. 


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