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FAAB Invest Launches India's First Agri-Investment Platform, Recognized with Spotlight Achievement Award at Global Business Line Summit 2023

New Delhi: In a bid to leverage the increasing digitization in India and bridge the gap between technology and finance, FAAB Invest has launched the country's first agri-investment platform. This pioneering initiative has garnered attention and acclaim, leading the company to receive the prestigious Spotlight Achievement Award at the Global Business Line Summit 2023. The award recognizes FAAB Invest's commendable efforts in sustainable agriculture through the use of technology.

As digital resources become more accessible to the masses, financial activities such as trading and investment have witnessed significant growth and adoption. This trend has also contributed to an upswing in financial literacy among Indians. FAAB Invest aims to provide a sustainable and fruitful investment approach by focusing on the agricultural sector.

The recently held Global Business Line Summit 2023, in collaboration with the Institute of MSME, presented the Spotlight Achievement Award to FAAB Invest. The award ceremony, attended by prominent figures in the industry, acknowledged the company's exceptional achievement in sustainable agriculture through technology. R. Gopinath Rao, the Deputy Director of MSME, presented the award to FAAB Invest, highlighting the company's significant contributions to the field.

FAAB Invest's agri-investment platform allows users to invest in agricultural projects and opportunities within a recession-proof sector. The platform curates high-quality investments centered around farm produce cultivation, offering investors tax-free returns from year-long harvests. Notably, the company provides complete transparency to investors, ensuring 100% pre-investment and post-investment visibility. Investors can track the progress of crops and receive transparent profit disbursement, effectively operating as virtual farmers.

The name FAAB stands for "Farming as a Business." Developed by a team of experts in agriculture and technology, the agri-investment platform simplifies the investment process for users. With just a few taps on their screens, investors can choose, track, and leverage their funds. The centralized platform offers portfolio management tools, allowing users to monitor returns generated from their "green" investments.

To ensure sustainability and profitable returns, FAAB Invest employs skilled agronomists, plant doctors, and on-field staff to continuously monitor plant growth and record essential growth parameters. The team of professionals having garnered five years of experience in the agricultural sector equips FAAB future farms with modern technologies, including IoT sensors and nutrient dosers, all powered by renewable energy sources.

Co-founded by Thejas Perayil and Ashwin Ananda Babu, FAAB Invest Advisors Pvt Ltd strives to strike a balance between technology and agriculture. With a wealth of experience in producing and marketing over 3,000 metric tons of harvest to more than 350 B2B customers, the team leverages its expertise in the agriculture and tech domain to offer a holistic, secure, and digital investment solution to users across India.

Expressing optimism for FAAB Invest and its market reception, Thejas Perayil believes that platforms like theirs will revolutionize the future of agri-investments in India. Perayil stated, "Gone are the days when there was a constant air of mystery and uncertainty surrounding investment vehicles. The advent of modern technology has made 100% secure financial activities accessible to everyone with a bank account and a mobile phone. With FAAB, we aim to pair modern technology with sustainable farming, guiding the country towards a greener and more prosperous future!"

FAAB Invest's innovative agri-investment platform signifies a significant step towards digitizing the agriculture sector in India, providing investors with accessible and sustainable opportunities in a recession-resistant domain. The recognition received at the Global Business Line Summit 2023 reinforces FAAB Invest's position as a trailblazer in combining technology and agriculture for the country's future development.

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