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Experience & Youth Fuel Marched Solutions' Digital Marketing Success

Kolkata: Marched Solutions LLP, a marketing agency founded in 2020 by Monali M. Chakraborty and her then-partner, now husband, Anubhav Chakraborty, is making a difference in the field of digital marketing. Inspired by a desire to help organisations realise their full potential, Marched Solutions offers customised online growth plans using an exceptional combination of experience and youthful energy.

Monali, a Calcutta University Master's graduate in English Literature, has firsthand experience with the hurdles that budding entrepreneurs encounter. Her own journey, rooted in overcoming financial limitations, fuels her commitment to empowering others. Recognising her marketing expertise, she decided to use it to start a business with her husband that would be tailored to the specific needs of each of their clients.

Marched Solutions provides its clients with:

  • Boost organic traffic: Marched Solutions optimises its clients' online presence for search engines to attract targeted visitors.
  • Social media mastery: It creates engaging content and manages its clients’ social media presence across platforms, building brand awareness and fostering customer relationships.
  • Protect online reputation: It monitors its clients' online presence and addresses customer concerns, safeguarding their brand image.
  • Drive sales with email: Marched Solutions helps its clients create and manage email campaigns to convert leads into customers.
  • Content that converts: It creates informative and engaging content like blog posts and newsletters to educate and attract potential customers.
  • E-commerce expertise: From targeted ad campaigns to strategic advice, Marched Solutions helps its clients’ online businesses grow and thrive.
  • Custom music for social: Marched Solutions creates unique music for its clients’ social media ads, ensuring brand memorability and avoiding copyright issues.

Marched Solutions' success story reflects its core values. Within just eight weeks of launching, the company achieved an essential milestone, generating $1,000, demonstrating the effectiveness of its approach. This early success uplifted Monali's confidence and solidified her decision to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

Marched Solutions achieved a significant milestone in 2023 when it exceeded 50 pleased clients. Monali and Anubhav Chakraborty’s ambitious goal is to assist 100 new firms with online growth in the coming fiscal year.

What genuinely distinguishes Marched Solutions is its workforce. With over 232 years of total experience, their team members bring a fresh viewpoint, with an average age of under 28. This distinctive combination enables Marched Solutions to bridge the gap between outdated marketing techniques and current digital trends. This has resulted in adaptable, customisable solutions that address each client's individual demands, allowing businesses to navigate the ever-evolving terrain of digital marketing confidently.

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