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Constructive Thinking Gives Rise to Innovations

Enthusiasm, Passion and Intentions are required if one wants to do something off track. If the youth determine to do the welfare of society with zeal and passion, then they become the source of inspiration for all.

Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat is known as “Youth Icon” and a familiar name for the youth today. He is one of the directors of Rawat Educational Group, Secretary of Akshendra Welfare Society and Educational Brand Ambassador of “Samarpan Organization”. With his efforts, he made the said group reach the peak of success for which even his father Mr. B. S. Rawat, the chairman of Rawat Educational Group. Being an academician, motivational speaker and social worker, he has created a special place in our society.

He, who has been honoured with more than 250 National and International Awards, is truly a role model for the youth today. As the founder of Nirmala Auditorium which is one of the biggest auditoriums in Rajasthan, he not only provided a platform to various talents but also established Rawat Cricket Academy at Bhankrota, Jaipur to let many talents of Cricket showcase their skills in front of the world.

An Academician Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat…

As a Director of Rawat Educational Group, Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat has been providing education to more than 13000 students of R.B.S.E. and C.B.S.E. schools and colleges too. Not only this, but the students who passed from this institution have secured places in Administrative Services, Army and other well-known occupations. Being an academician, he promotes innovations in education and participates in various national and international workshops in this context. He has always been ahead in establishing this Group as an excellent one in its journey of 41 years.

Motivating students, providing them with scholarships and inspiring them to secure merits are a few characteristics of his personality and because of his inspiration, students have been securing top positions in CBSE and RBSE examinations. Being simple-natured, he gives the credit of his success to his parents, family and his team. Nirmala Magazine, Rawat Times and Rawat Bulletin are a few examples of his creative thought process.

A True Social Worker…

He is a true social worker who remains associated with many volunteer organizations and remains involved in social service acts via Akshendra Welfare Society.

Various donation programs of Blood, Food, Time, Clothes, Service and Labour are run under his guidance. The grand event of the donation campaign is the sole thought of Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat.

21000 water pots were tied for the sake of birds during peak summer to let the birds quench their thirst. Also, he has benefitted many students by offering them free education under the donation for education campaign. He also remains engaged in the services of Old-Age homes, Orphanages and Hospitals with a team of over 1000 people via Akshendra Welfare Society.

Identified as a Motivational Speaker…

Being a motivational speaker, scholar Narendra Singh benefits people with his simple yet inspiring words. He is connected with a large number of people on social media and keeps inspiring them via his experiences and life lessons from time to time.

He is a very good speaker and owner of an impressive personality. His deliveries contain everything from scriptures like Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta to practical experiences.

Attached with Spirituality…

Due to his attachment with spirituality, Mr. Narendra has associated himself with the Akshaypatra Foundation and tries to solve all the riddles of life using the preachings of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.

Cultural programs like Yajna, staging of Ramayana and sweet acts of Lord Krishna demonstrate the prosperous thinking of Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat.

Awarded at National and International Level…

He has received more than 250 awards including The Educational Entrepreneur of 2022 award from the former president of Mauritius Mr. Prithviraj Singh Roopun, The International Youth Icon Award, The Star Educator Award, The Bharat Gaurav Award, The Sanskar Gaurav Award, The Education Excellence Award and The Youngest Achiever Award. All these awards have been honoured to him by various Governors, Chief Ministers, Education Ministers, Intellectuals and Celebrities of the prestigious film industry.

Enriched with creative thinking, Mr. Narendra Singh Rawat adores Swami Vivekanand as his role model and is marching on the path of constant progress with his new-age thinking.

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