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Conosh presents The Ultimate Homechef of India Competition with Prize Money of 3 Lakhs

Bengaluru: Conosh is excited to announce an amazing competition called the "Ultimate Homechef of India". This one-of-a-kind competition aims to discover the finest Homechef in the country, a culinary maestro with extraordinary skills who will astound everyone with their gastronomic prowess.

The winner of this prestigious title will not only receive a generous prize money of INR 3 lakhs but also a golden opportunity to meet the legendary culinary experts, Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston, and George Calombaris, in Delhi during November 2023. With the chance to showcase their talent and learn from the best, this competition promises to be an unforgettable journey for passionate Homechefs across India.

Format of the city-wise competition will be city level tasting conducted by the Conosh team with a pre-selected panel of chefs, one winner will be given the title of The Ultimate Homechef of India - Chapter. The participants will fill an online form to register and will be invited to bring one cooked dish each for tasting. At the venue, they will be given time to prep and plate and then present to the judges. The finalists will be declared the same day and invited the next for a second tasting with an additional guest judge. One winner out of the final 5 will be selected and declared the winner of their respective cities.

The main competition in New Delhi will be organised on 19 November, 2023. Winners from different cities will come to Delhi in November 2023 for the finale of the competition and top 3 winners will be chosen by an esteemed panel of judges - Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston, and George Calombaris. The winner will get the title "The Ultimate Homechef of India '' and a prize money of INR 3 Lakhs.

Chennai Tasting - Oct 25th - Form Link:

Bhubaneswar Tasting - Oct 27th - Form Link:

Bengaluru Tasting - Oct 29th - Form Link: 

Conosh is an Indian Brand dedicated towards exquisite Immersive Dining Experiences and Culinary Learning across the globe. From Curated Food Pop-ups to Delivery of Homemade authentic meals to physical Masterclasses and Online Workshops, Conosh connects passionate Chefs with Food Enthusiasts. Conosh believes in creating unforgettable Gastronomic Encounters for every food lover. With a diverse array of skilled chefs in the industry from all over the World, Conosh also empowers Homechefs and Homebakers to refine their craft through both online and physical sessions, aka, Conosh Workshops and Masterclasses. These sessions, in collaboration with Masterchefs and Industry Experts, create innovative Culinary Dining Experiences that cater to all food palettes. Introducing fresh dimensions of accessible learning to our ever growing and evolving Food Community.

Vaibhav Bahl, Co-Founder of Conosh says - “We firmly believe that home chefs have been the core of our business since the inception of Conosh. We hold a strong conviction that every home chef possesses a unique story to share, and Conosh is dedicated to amplifying these narratives beyond kitchen walls to grander stages.

It's been nothing short of thrilling to savor the diverse flavors of home chef dishes from every corner of India. And what could be a more fitting tribute to these culinary artists than having Matt, Gary and George guide and judge the finale? They are synonymous with being the champions & promoters of home chefs worldwide. We are hopeful that the Ultimate Homechef of India competition will serve as a catalyst for many more unheard food stories to come to life, sparking a movement to preserve and promote our local recipes and prepare them for a global culinary stage."

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