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Big breaking news! India’s Glamanand Group acquires the franchise rights of the Miss Universe competition

One of the leading pageant organizations in India, the Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (popularly known as the Glamanand Group) has acquired the franchise rights of the world’s biggest international beauty pageant – Miss Universe. The Indian representative to the 2024 Miss Universe competition will be selected by the Glamanand Group. Recently, the founder and chairman of the Glamanand Group, Nikhil Anand took to social media to announce the acquisition of the rights to send the Indian representative(s) to the Miss Universe competition. The news shook the entire pageant world and created a big stir in the pageant industry. This is for the first time that Glamanand Group will shoulder the responsibility of sending the Indian representative to the Miss Universe competition. 

The Glamanand Group is one of the biggest pageant organizations in India. It is the producer of one of the major three beauty pageants in India, the Glamanand Supermodel India. In addition to that it also owns two of the biggest teen beauty pageants in India, the Miss Teen Diva and Miss Teen India and 2 prominent international beauty pageants named Miss Teen International and Miss Multinational. The organization owns the maximum number of beauty pageants in India has been part of the pageant industry since the year 2013. The founder and chairman of the organization, Nikhil Anand has many accolades and distinctions under his possession including being the world’s youngest international pageant owner and the owner of the maximum number of beauty pageants in India. 

This year, the search for Miss Universe India will exclusively take place under the management of the Glamanand Group. The organization is famous for its extravagant production value and the lavishly colossal national final event. In 2023, the pageant created history by producing the biggest ever national finals event in the history of Indian pageantry. Since its inception, the pageant has produced some of the most beautiful faces of Indian origin who had excelled in different sectors like fashion, entertainment, showbiz, medicine and education to mention a few.

The participants of the pageant closely work with the Glamanand Foundation, a philanthropic and social welfare wing of the Glamanand Group that supports various social and humanitarian causes in India like women empowerment, environmental conservation, promoting education for all and supporting the lives of the underprivileged and the less fortunate. It will be exciting to know who will be the face of the world’s largest democracy – India, at this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant. 

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