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Avvanz Tackles Employee Screening Challenges: Affordable, Compliant, and Comprehensive Background Checks Now Available In India

Bengaluru (Karnataka): Avvanz, a leading HRTech and FinTech company, today announced its official launch in India. It is an important step for the Indian labour market – now more than ever.

The Indian employment landscape presents unique challenges for background screening. Inaccurate information, time-consuming processes, and a lack of centralised data sources often hinder effective checks. Recognizing these challenges, and with a proven track record of serving over 4000 companies globally, Avvanz offers a trifecta of Comprehensive, Compliant, and Affordable solutions specifically tailored to the Indian market.

Avvanz, headquartered in Singapore with other Global offices in India, the Philippines, Australia, the UK, and the US will offer its comprehensive suite of services, including Background Screening, Company Due Diligence and Digital Economy Training solutions, to help Indian businesses (and international companies with a footprint in India) build a strong and secure workforce.

"India’s dynamic labour market presents both opportunities and challenges, especially in the realm of employee screening and development," said Kannan Chettiar, Founder and CEO of Avvanz. "Our expansion into India underscores our commitment to enhancing workplace safety and efficiency through cutting-edge technology and our robust solutions that leverage AI, RPA, IDVT or Identity Verification Technology and Blockchain, to the Indian market. We are excited to bring our robust solutions to the Indian market, helping businesses mitigate risks and boost employee productivity."

Marcellus Solomon, Head of Avvanz India, added, “Our comprehensive background screening solutions address the specific concerns of Indian businesses. We ensure accuracy, speed, compliance and affordability along with Technology, enabling companies to make informed hiring decisions confidently.”

Avvanz caters to various industries, such as Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Technology, Education, Business Process Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Oil & Gas. Additionally, it is also ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified. 

The company leverages its in-depth industry knowledge to deliver customised solutions that address the specific challenges of each sector. Avvanz’s commitment extends beyond employee screening to supporting B2B clients with due diligence and risk management ahead of critical deals and collaborations. This holistic approach ensures that businesses hire the best talent and build a resilient workforce equipped to achieve and surpass their KPIs.

Avvanz’s new India office is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

For more information on Avvanz’s services, visit their website.

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