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Anurag Jha’s supernatural thriller film Shinigami’s Box: Origins – A Risky Endeavour for AJCPlay

Nagpur: AJCPlay, Nagpur's first OTT platform, is set to release its upcoming feature film, "Shinigami’s Box: Origins." Departing from conventional narratives, this supernatural thriller is poised to bring a fresh genre to Nagpur's film landscape.

In a city where film production is relatively scarce, Anurag Jha Creations has undertaken the challenge of producing this ambitious film with the aim of setting new standards for the local film industry. Unlike movies driven by political agendas, social issues, or commercial motives, "Shinigami’s Box: Origins" distinguishes itself by its commitment to an original story, talent, and presentation. It's worth noting that AJC's investment in the film is substantial, without the backing of A-list celebrities for guaranteed distribution.

The film's journey began three years ago with careful script development. "Shinigami’s Box: Origins" follows Inspector Kabir of the Special Crimes Unit as he investigates the mysterious connection between a masked criminal and a supernatural casket that appears in a remote village on the city's outskirts, as described on the film's IMDb page.

Directed by Anurag Jha, the film features an ensemble cast, with the director himself playing the enigmatic Shinigami. Joining him are Yash Krishnani, Shreeyanshi Katre, Hemavaishnave, Rishi Raj, Avani Arya, Abhijeet Daigavane, and other talented actors in significant roles, showcasing the city's pool of acting talent.

The entire film was shot on location in Nagpur, highlighting the city's culture and aesthetics. It is scheduled to release in the latter half of 2023, promising a cinematic experience that will keep audiences engaged.

AJCPlay aims to provide a platform for local talent and storytelling, and "Shinigami’s Box: Origins" is a notable milestone for Nagpur's film industry. With its unique approach and dedication to quality, this supernatural thriller is expected to captivate viewers and potentially influence filmmaking standards in the city.

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