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Anmol India Ltd. Board Approves Issue of Bonus Shares in ratio of 4:1

Ludhiana: Anmol India Ltd. (BSE: 542437, NSE: ANMOL), one of the leading players in Supply chain management industry, Commodity Trading, and Coal Import, has approved issue of bonus shares in the ratio of 4:1, i.e. 4 Equity Shares for every 1 Equity Share held by the shareholders of the Company as on the record date, subject to the approval of shareholders.  

The board also approved Increase in the Authorized Share Capital of the Company from existing Rs. 11.50 crores to Rs. 57 crores and consequent alteration in the Capital Clause of the Memorandum of Association of the Company, on account of issue of Bonus Shares of the Company, subject to the approval of shareholders.

Earlier, the Anmol India Ltd. had announced stellar earnings for quarter and year ended 31 March 2023.

Standalone Financial Highlights Comparison – Q4FY23 v/s Q4FY22

  • Revenue from Operations grew by 18.70% from Rs.311.80 Cr in Q4 FY22 to Rs. 370.13 Cr in Q4 FY23 primarily driven by the addition of new products such as coking coal, met coke, chemicals and iron & steel in the portfolio and increase in volume.
  • EBITDA increased by 31.83% from Rs. 7.32 Cr in Q4 FY22 to Rs. 9.65 Cr in Q4 FY23
  • PAT increased by 40.18 % from Rs. 3.16 Cr in Q4 FY22 to Rs. 4.43 Cr in Q4 FY23.
  • PAT margins increased from 1.01% in Q4 FY22 to 1.19% in Q4 FY23 by 18 bps.

Standalone financial Highlights for FY23 vs FY22:

  • Revenue from operations recorded a healthy growth of 33.12% from Rs.1059.39 Cr in FY22 to Rs.1410.24 Cr in FY23.
  • The EBITDA increased by 32.74% from Rs.27.52 Cr in FY22 to Rs.36.53 Cr in FY23
  • PAT stood at Rs. 18.66 Cr in FY23 as compared to Rs.15.55 Cr in FY22 witnessing a growth of 20%
  • EPS increased by 19.90% from Rs. 13.67 in FY22 compared to Rs. 16.39 in FY23.

Anmol India is led by Shri Vijay Goyal who has 37 years of experience in the Coal Industry. Recently, Mr. Chakshu Goyal, an ISB Alumnus, has also joined as a board of directors and since then launched various digital initiatives to steer the growth of the company. Anmol has earned a reputable position in the Supply chain management industry, Commodity Trading, and Coal Import with a remarkable growth trajectory since its inception. The company has garnered trust and loyalty from clients across 100 diverse locations in India.

The company has undergone a significant transformation, embracing an enhanced end-to-end supply chain management approach for commodity trade. This comprehensive strategy encompasses a wide range of services, bolstered by advanced research capabilities and an optimized global sourcing strategy. It has fortified its operations by streamlining critical aspects, including the coordination of sea freights, meticulous cargo handling, robust insurance arrangements, meticulous fund management, efficient inland logistics, and seamless last-mile delivery. These improvements have been implemented as part of its ambitious expansion plan, ensuring a more robust and efficient system than ever before.

The company is aiming for strategic diversification, including portfolio and demographic diversification, to augment sales and yield the strategic benefits of geographical diversification, flexibility, adaptability, and enhanced negotiating power. Anmol India Ltd is listed on BSE & NSE. It is committed to delivering long-term value to its shareholders. The company believes in transparent and ethical business practices and is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.

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